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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Soulful Sundays Ikea Meatballs and Severe Hot Weather Channel

You bet! Just know the right keyword, and you will find the answer you are looking for. Well, searching for IKEA pictures may also let you discover some nice blogs. Today, I will be sharing some of this blogs with you. If we think each blog is one person, and every time you sign up to their RSS feed, it is like adding their phone number to your cell phone.
Two days ago, Death Valley in CA was around 107 Degrees (in Fahrenheit)
Today, it is around 33 Degrees (in Celsius) in Philadelphia.
What is the relationship between this two regions? It is Weather Channel.
And, don't forget to check out their photo gallery. People like you send pictures like the one below:
Wisconsin at it's Best Captured in Chippewa Falls July 12th 2007
or this picture at right:
A cloud formation that looks like Cupid's arrow through a heart.

Don't you think that the form of the cloud can also be like Turkish coffee grounds. People can read it like fortunetelling. But, whose fortune would it be? A shared fortune?

Searching for IKEA in Google Images, here are some of the blogs featured in today's special cafealaturca post.

1) Duncan's TV Ad Land
Featuring IKEA's Persian Rug Advertisement
It is a descent TV commercial blog
and another one who commented on Duncan's post.

2) Bjorn Snellman's DAXION Blog
Bjorn is sharing his business life from the early entrepreneurial projects to his current ownerships. He is also sharing his job experience. He seems to be a role model for hard-working bread-winners. I show two thumbs up for such great people. Read his story, it is pretty fascinating, from Finland. By the way, there is some coffee smell there, don't miss it:)

3) Shanghai I Know This City
Whether you have been to this city or planning to go, or even not interested, they say "you can get lost for several days in IKEA." Plus, they have an IKEA picture on their post. But, they don't allow for comments unless you are signed in. I don't like that. Maybe it is to prevent spam comments. Alright. By the way, something off topic, while watching a subtitled French movie on Sundance Channel, I learned about the phrase shown in the subtitle: "even-steven"
Pretty funny phrase.

4) Coolz0r Marketing Thoughts
OK, this is a very cool website. Not only their Absolut IKEA in New York post is amazing, the most recent post I came up was about a Blended iPhone.
This blog is also using social tools that you can sign up to any RSS feed you are using. So, you can get instant updates about this blog.

5) The Unofficial IKEA Web Journal
Our last entry is a pretty good web journal about IKEA. An inspiring quote from the post:

"As a child, Kamprad rides his bike around Stockholm, buying up off-price merchandise—including matches, fish, seeds and Christmas-tree decorations—to sell to his neighbors in the farming village of Agunnaryd. In 1943 Ikea is founded as a door-to-door enterprise specializing in items like picture frames and stockings. The logo uses the colors of the Swedish flag. In 1951 the company published its first furniture catalogue. With no shipping facilities, Kamprad makes a deal with the local milkman to deliver orders with daily dairy drop-offs as well as to the nearby train station.."

This is the end of story for now. As good food takes time, this well-off post took a little bit time and search. Hope you enjoy the ride.
Last, here is a nice tune that I listen over and over again, (doesn't necessarily mean that I watch the video clip over and over again:)
Trick and Kubic - Easy

If you hear a sound
from a voice inside
tellin' you
something's not right
you're gettin' tired
of this life
you just don't know
how to thrive
maybe one day
you will see
life's in motion
and you are the beat
flowin' with it
no matter how
just find the way
open your eyes
and feel new-born
threre's no reason
no need to mourn
things will change
and you will see
that your mind
will set you free
don't be impatient
don't run away
let me tell ya
that one day
you will see
how easy it is
how easy it is

(easy, easy, easy)

you wonder what it´s gonna be like
when you listen to that voice
speaking to you all the time
tellin' you all the things you need to know
it may be hard to understand
and hard to follow from time to time
but if you're not trying
nothing will change
it's your choice
the way you live your life
and not only within your dreams
with your eyes wide open
there's a lot more to see
than you've seen so far
so why don't you just give it a go?
and listen to what your heart says?
and stop questioning
it's easy