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A blog to cater your mind,body,and soul as you drink Turkish Coffee. We are proud to present our new storyline called Cafe's search for his "Zahir". Everyday is a new day for the "Cafe" (from Istanbul) & his journey for "Zahir" (from Baku). Don't expect extraordinary drama from the narrator, me. Still, this is a drama (maybe real!), and have better impact on you than watching a soap opera. Guaranteed. There is genuine feelings within inspirational periods. Cross your fingers for this story to end with happy marriage :-) All rights are reserved.

EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Counting Down Times

As we are fasting during the day, the most important part is the time between 11-2pm I think.
I used to have lunch, and now it is not possible. Office work is not fun all the time. Though, I have lots of time to think. I am planning to come, and never leave. Yes, I am counting down the time as I am counting down the hours, minutes during the day to begin eating with the sun dawn.

My love, I hope you don't forget me. You didn't forget me for 4 years when I was away. I hope you don't forget me during these times. I don't want to put a measure on this time frame. edeude (this means my boss came to my office, today's timing was bad, I used to come to office and write to you in the early morning before working hours)
Anyways, time passes by, it is time to eat, well go home, and then wait for a few more minutes to eat..I love you darling, I really love you, I keep seeing your country's name...offfffffffffffffff...off