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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I found my motto in Portofino

The song was like finding the love in Portofino. When the stream of thoughts are running faster than typing fingers, then some thoughts are lost in mind, or somewhere between your brain and fingers. Best guess would be your heart. I suppose I can handle everything with my heart. Today's conversation with co-workers was about Kazakhistan. Imaging the life in the middle asia, reaching finally to the ancestors land of Cafe. Really excited about passing by Zair, and seeing her surprised face. It is not about love anymore. It is about understanding each other. What Zair tells to the universe is that love can last. What cafe is teaching to the galaxy is that people change. So, according to our 3=4 equation, galactic people will conquer the universe and then we will sail with the Noah'a Ark. Don't miss the point. This is how Zair's thoughts are building up. If you want to let your love disappear slowly, try to call her and check how successfully loves are ending up. Loves or laws. I would call it law from now on. Because lawyers make more money than lovers. I have no idea about sinners, but they are supposed to make lots of money as well. Due to the recent flunctuation in the world economy, some people are called to be greedy. I don't press the enter button, I keep typing, since the stream will drain all thoughts for a while, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
Today Azerbaijan is playing their World Cup Final Qualification match with Finland. Turkey's match is with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Good luck to both Azerbaijan and Turkey, for the sake of Zair and Cafe. Well, lady's first. From now, I shall put her name first. Zair Cafe...Can't wait to drink Zair Cafe one last time which will last forever, like an eternal moment.
Now, I imagine the days in one of the Native American villages. It was cold. In the middle of nowhere. It was during the time before her presence in my life. The small village house, called yurt, was built on this location. There was an oven, heating the whole area. Very cozy place, cozy moments. While doing community service, I had only one thing in my mind. Since there was not much source of light, the sky formed a hallo effect. There was a large big circle around the moon. I keep turning around Zair, but she doesn't move, she doesn't call me. Like the big circle around the moon, I keep rotating around her. She is not my Sun, nor my Moon. Allah is providing the furthermost guidance. If we are drunk, still we shall keep our righteous way. Love dunk people sometimes could make mistakes. We all make mistakes, but disregarding the Higher Authority's rules and regulations would be the biggest mistake. So, stop for a minute now. As the Quaker Religion followers do, make a moment of silence. Religions are offering good guidance, as long as we know how to digest it with the modern world demands. Just like forcing the women to cover her hair, there are better, more modern options available. After all, she is gone, what is the point in discussing all these issues.
This time, we were in a church. There was a small concert. They were playing Middle Eastern music. All musicians were American, though. Interesting blend. I happen to make an unnecessary joke about the Virgin Mary statue in the church. Zair didn't like the joke at all. She though it was a discrimination of religions, whereas all religions guide the humans to one way, piece. I was ashamed of my attitude. I did all I can to make her forgive me. After all these years, I still remember that moment of "silence". Indeed, I was loud, and speaking to her, not a genuine silence at all. But, when you go back to that moment, and think how stupid it is to talk nonsense about other religion, with a huge lack of knowledge, then it is a "silence", asking myself over and over again why it was necessary to make such a joke. I listened to the religion of Christianity from a reverant in one church close to my college. It was the uneven times when I was about to lose her. Thinking the possibility of taking her back to where we met, I was uneven, lost, upset. The reverant was very friendly, spoke about his trip to Istanbul, visiting Blue Mosque. Whomever I talk about Turkey, they do mention about Blue Mosque. My ears are turning red, and in the past, during my uneven days, I was normal, but my heart was cripy red. I got cold now, sneezed a few moments ago. What if we were together, and I would make her sick as well. Not thinking about being healthy together, sick together. But, I would eat a raw uncooked chicken for her. Whatever she wants, I would like to hear it now. It was "leave me alone", the last wish I heard from her. I couldn't hear these sentences, when I was away from her. The faith and strong passion I feed towards this relation, always avoid me to forget about her. Imagining our kids lead me to face all sorts of difficulties and adventures in the land of opportunities. Now, still chasing the opportunities in the old school, historical grounds of Anatolia. I have firm belief about my way to happiness. If one's happiness is other's sorrow, what is the point. No, it is not like 3=4. It is not like A is B, B is C, then A is C. Not that philoffy stuff. She accused me of being philosophical in this blog, to me, Cafe is having a big trouble to solve this equation offered by Zair. She thinks that I was graduated with a Math degree. Sorry, I promised to do so, but then give up to finish earlier with a business major, and approach to her quicker. We all have dreams, and I wrote this sentence without looking at the screen. I don't look and lock at the keyboard, I know how tired the keys on the keyboard are, but they are the keys to my happiness. Here, I am offering some coffee break for busy people, business people, home lovers, sipping their cafes. Would you sleep or sip or slip? Imagine one cup of coffee, and think what you can do with it. For me, I would finish the mysterious cup of Turkish coffee as soon as possible, and close it. Open it up to read the grounds forming mystic images. Where are you Zair? You promised to meet me in this cup. Where are you? You were not waiting for me in bus stop we arranged, build together in the border of your wake-up time, and my best sleepy moments. I try to use the two hour time difference between us wisely enough. I wish you a happy new year, because it may not be a nice happy new year's eve for you, when I am in the land of nowhere for me. I would be lost in Baku, and I will enjoy it without you. I am not following you, I am not a maniac. I am following my destiny. I met you, I loved you, I fed my strong belief to do once what you want from me. Could not give up on my goals, when you offered me a hand in Baku, to study there together. Now, I am turning all my investments towards the city of Baku. If you read this post, please comment about Baku, and tell our loyal readers what is the meaning of Baku? I will be back later, just cannot put a final dot. If I have a boat to sail in Caspian Sea, would you come with me, so you can push me to the sea, and let me sink there. I am like a bottle, I will come back to the surface, don't worry. I am personally a message in a bottle. I am coming to your land for a while to give this message. You will have some time, don't worry. No tests are required. Bring in one piece of mind, and no glasses are allowed to cover your olive eyes. I forget to drink my shot of olive oil in the morning, to clean up my stomach. Would you kiss me one last time, so I can recover my loss of morning cleansing shot, and I love you a lot, just a lot to keep posting my past and present and future.
Signed and dated by: Cafe...

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