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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...

"Hello world,"

This was the first command we gave in using the Java computer program. My interest slowly disappeared to a new addiction for coffee from Java. There is also Jaws, the movie with the big fish, it is off-topic, though.
Yesterday, long-waited visitor from Baku came to our site. She spent about 11 minutes here.

I am so jealous of this blog which gets a chance to see her eyes. Not for a second, or a moment. But, 11 big minutes.

The stories of Cafe will continue until Zair will accept Cafe's marriage proposal.

Usually, couples spend time and then the eternal moment comes up when the men proposes marriage to the women. In this Cafe case, proposing is different. As you witness here, from the initial proposal time in 2004 till now, the period continues...Hoping to have this moments multiplied by 111111 more days, more weeks, more months, and years...

Life is more precious when it is shared. Just like a cup of Turkish coffee, which leads a long way back to the past and paves the way to the future.

Zair and Cafe
Why not
Why not?*?*?

Cafe comments on Leila movie on Amazon.com

Yes, immediately, after watching the movie called Leila, cafe wrote the comments on
website. Quoted below:

Marriage of love; being able to give a birth to a male child;mother-in-law factor;culture

March 19, 2007
If you want to watch a film with a true love between a husband and wife, I'd highly recommend this film. A husband is allowing his wife to make her own decisions and create a mutual discussion platform. This must be a very important feature of genuine love between a couple in an UNEXPECTED geography.
However, there is often a third person who is not happy with the two's happiness. This third person is sometimes the whole society, sometimes a single person. Let's call it "the third eye." In this culture, people believe in nazar (the envy and maybe grudge of other people). And the director clearly portrays the evil eye hanging next to the entrance door to the house of the couple (Leila and Reza). Yes, there are several ways to keep that third eye away from destructing the happiness of the two. "Dua" (praying to God) keeps the relationship safe and healthy from harm. Dua is the core of life. Dua is the core of strong belief in God. That's what we see in the film many actors are praying for the sake of Reza (the husband) and Leila (the wife).
*Evil Eye is just one of those traditions to keep the envy of the society or those people jealous of the couple's happiness.

Reza is a very nice gentleman offering his wife presents and treats in several occasions. He takes her out and he LISTENS to her. This is a portrayal of the true possibility of MUTUAL LOVE existing in a place with lots of biased views about it. The plot takes place in Iran and many people have very biased views about the country. You can immediately recognize the veil Leila (the main actor) wearing on the cover of the DVD. What does it imply? Oh, this is just another middle Eastern movie? I guess not. So, please leave your BIASED VIEWS and give this film a try.

There is a culture embedded in this film. The culture of Islam is truly reflected in many occasions without favoring the extremist side or "modernized" side. There is very well balance constructed in this film. I heard from another reviewer that the director had his college education in the US. However, the director did not bring a stranger's eye to an everyday possible event of a marriage without a child.
This film might also be directed from a stranger's eye through many ways. The veil might be recognized as a false practice, or say the women's rights might be discussed, or the husband might be rejecting his customs and hold his wife's hand publicly, and even kiss her in the street.
No, there is no stranger's eye in this film. It is fresh from the roots of the culture, and I congratulate the director to clearly articulating the customs of his country and still portraying a very usual problem in marriage (which is the must of having a son to continue the generation of the man).

I also continued on another DVD review of Leila Hatami to write more about Leila movie. Quoted below:
I am sorry I had some words to include for Leila Hatami's other film called Leila,
March 19, 2007

Please pardon my review, I could not include last part of my review for Leila Hatami's other film called Leila.
Here it is:
A couple of suggestions and thumps ups about some issues discussed in the film:
1) True love waits. Both man and woman can love each other. Mutual love is possible. Life is not about sex, the director did not NEED to show any scene with the truly&passionately-in-love couple having sex. Yes, maybe it is not allowed in the country to have such a film, but he showed the audience that we do NOT need to see them having sex to confirm that they have a passionate relationship.
2) Mother-in-laws can be very influencing. Still, the wife listens to her mother-in-law. I really felt bad about Leila being deeply influenced and left struggling with the idea of accepting a second wife in the house.
3) The beautiful women named Leila (with a beautiful name meaning "night") showing such incredible patience until she sees the second women in her house. Then, she runs away from the fact that now there is her, husband, and new wife. It is truly unacceptable to have two women in the same house, in today's world. But, do not forget to look back and read what was it like for a man to marry more than one women. Please, do not rely on one source of information. Bring three different viewpoints to your own conclusion. Regulations change relative to the period of time.
4) The religion of Islam was embedded in the sequence of actions in the film. However, the director did not choose to let us hear "the athan (call of the prayer)" in the film. Still, we had a chance to witness the women praying in many scenes. "The willing of God" was well explained in the film.
5) 129 minutes for a film is not short, but may be long. However, you do not feel like it. I wanted to watch more although it was the end when Leila had finally seen his husband's daughter from his second wife whom he divorced (by mutual agreement) after the birth of the child.
6) And last, the Turkish coffee, or Arabic coffee (or even Greek coffee:) Yes, in the film there are a couple of scenes where Leila and Reza are reading the grounds of the coffee (Turkish coffee cup reading, or fortune telling). Although it is not highly recommended to base your life on mystery, still it is different flavor in life, like a break from reality, and rely on some strong imagination. Yes, even listening to the other person reading and interpreting the symbols on your coffee ground is exciting and thought-provoking. Won't you like someone to read about how you feel now and what might happen in your future without giving that person any clue other than the coffee you just drank and turned over to let the coffee grounds dry.
7-a) OK, one more:) I liked the marriage ceremony (well, the first one, because the second one was heart-breaking for Leila. The cars were honking and following the car of the bride and the groom.
7-b) The idea of service. The incredible acknowledgment of endless serving food and drinks to your guests.
7-c) Kebab in the country side. Very lovely, relaxing, enjoying.
7-d) Every religion has its characteristics. Islam is a religion of peace and faith. This film clearly articulates the faith and peace components well.

This film is full of culture. And this is my first review:) I tried to raise some questions from some of the scenes in the film. Thanks for your time.

What if we were already be together?

I am feeling awkward about the time we are postponing in our life to be together. Mutual arguments can make the relation stronger, as long as these arguments are not in the form of fighting.

Cafe had watched the movie, Leyla in the US. It was a dramatic movie from Iran. Basically, the girl was not wanted by the men's family, but men was fighting very hard to keep her. What was wrong with her? She was infertile (like, not able to give birth). And, as you know, in Middle Eastern culture, children is very important, so the family was insisting him to divorce Leyla.

At the end, they had to divorce, well, he got married with another lady for the sole reason of having a baby. That's it. But, the love was gone after Leyla was left alone.

Each second in the movie, I reflected the scenario to myself. Even if it was not relative to me, I tried to find similarities.

Thank God, that Zair is not infertile, as far as I know. And, if she is infertile, would Cafe marry her? I deeply think yes. Allah has the final word, so we can always pray for a healthy baby when we got married. Allah knows how much Cafe wants to become Cafe Zair.

About the family opposition, well, yes, Cafe Familia was a little bit hesitant about Zair, when Zair Familia was more than welcoming. Now, it is vice versa. All Cafe clan is waiting for Zair, when Zair is hiding behind the bushes, and waiting for the next train to jump on and run away from Cafe clan. I hope that train will never come, or when it comes Zair will re-think about her importance.

P.S: Zair doesn't mean Poison, sorry. By the way, it is Zahir, but I will not change the word Zair in our story.
Zahir means a person who can love another person more than himself/herself. Even can love without feeling the warmth of the other. I guess, this totally describes pre-Zair period and post-Cafe period now. I hope this period will end soon and become Cafe Zair period, BECAUSE WE DO NOT DESERVE JUST PAIN...

I guess, I will read the Paulo Coelho's book Zahir soon...