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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sweden visits my blog for IKEA, what about the rest

It was an upsetting news to have one visitors from Sweden, and it was a particular visit to my post including a note of IKEA Swedish meatballs. Anyways, visit is a visit, welcome on board. Please fasten your seat belts.

First, unable to contact her, and today finally get to ask her that ultimate question. "Did you get married?" The answer was not surprising, since I heard this before. "Soon" she said. "Is there any candidate" I said. She said, yeah, there are some. "How old is he?" I asked to confirm this neither surprising fact. "Twenty-one"
Same age with her. Not a good plan for marriage, but who knows. It's her life and she should be mature enough to find a "man" who she can manage. One of her companies she was unable to manage was me. As I tried to get the ropes to make decision, we get bankrupted. Finally, when I realized we need to make our decisions TOGETHER, it was too late. I like the fact that I love someone more than I care about myself. Her privacy is not accessible, but with my cell-phone call today, she released the curtain a little bit to sacrifice that important fact to help me construct my own life. She said that (supposedly me) I'm not leaving her alone.

Is it me who is still in the jungle, looking for his mate? Maybe, I need to wait until March, which is the mating season. Shall I postpone my search for her and my trip to Baku. According to her, she would still think about me even she gets married with someone else. What a maniac movement? How is this categorized according to Freud? Or Pythagoras. Right now, I declare the world that I'm deleting this file from my folder called love. I will not copy file to my folder de "hate". Sorry, but I send it to her recycle bin. It's there right now. But, it is recycled. Maybe, we will be best friend when we get married with others. Who knows? I know. Some day, we will find each other. What age? In what marriage status (single or duo). I don't want to know sometimes too much information is really too much. I wish her success, but this blog is unlimited. As I said, I love her more than she loves herself, more than I love myself. But, now, the love is gone.

Gone with the wind, and may Allah keep the wind direction far away from me.

Best wishes,