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Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

What Does a College Dorm Look Like?

Amazon.com expects an ultimate dormitory room like this one below. Sponsored by Chase. Still, it costs money if you want to design your or your loved one's dorm similar to this one. Personalizing the dorm room is always big in college!

Oh, don't forget the Easy Mac!
Then, let's google some other decent and acceptable dorm room examples..
1) from zackhample.com

2) Georgetown College - a typical dorm room

3) And, let's conclude with an ultimate evolution of a dorm room by two students from MIT. Checking their site is highly recommended. They have videos, as well. Here is the fully automated dorm room. OK, I could not resist and I am sharing one of their videos. Check the other two from their post.

Los Angeles Galaxy - David Beckham - Theme Park

Every LA Galaxy is like an experience in a theme park from now on. Since they transfered Sir David Beckham from Real Madrid, Fox Soccer Channel has been paying more attention to their games. Every time Beckham (if he gets to play) touches the soccer ball, the crowd cheers up big time. It is like one of those roller coaster experiences. Going up and down, Beckham passes the ball and receives a pass. LA Galaxy is not the best team in the Major League, though they will have their games full of supporters, I guess. He will get $250 million for a 5-year contract.

Again, while searching for a Beckham pic with his new jersey, I came across this blog. An interesting one that I yet to explore more.

I really liked one of the comments made on this blog. It is from undergroundbto:

There are most certainly at least 35-40 players out there who are better / more integral to their team than Beckham. He is just a nancy-boy who became a national (and then international) phenomenon based on the fact that:(1) he is handsome; (2) he is not ugly; (3) he married Posh Spice; and (4) he has a fantastic free kick (yes, one of the best in the world, but that is the only thing that he does on the pitch that could be considered such)"

And, Beckham does not forget to praise US Soccer. He says US Soccer has "huge potential."
The news about Beckham just goes on, and here is another interesting one from Reuters.
"Beckham sells 250,000 Galaxy shirts before he gets to LA." Want to buy one for $80

Enjoy one of his freekick goals in the past. Is it going to happen in LA, again?

I was not in the mood for writing today, though Beckham wave caught cafealaturca in. So, I learned some facts about this world famous transfer. I hope you enjoyed the post. Take care for now. And, alsooooo.....Don't forget to check out Victoria Beckham's blog on her official website.