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A blog to cater your mind,body,and soul as you drink Turkish Coffee. We are proud to present our new storyline called Cafe's search for his "Zahir". Everyday is a new day for the "Cafe" (from Istanbul) & his journey for "Zahir" (from Baku). Don't expect extraordinary drama from the narrator, me. Still, this is a drama (maybe real!), and have better impact on you than watching a soap opera. Guaranteed. There is genuine feelings within inspirational periods. Cross your fingers for this story to end with happy marriage :-) All rights are reserved.

EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fry Day Buzz

Honey, I don't put sugar in my tea. Hey, hello, could you hear me. Jam, strawberry jam. Yes, that would be nice. No, I meant the jam, not real berries, ohh no..But my tea..I can't wake up without my Turkish Tea 'n da morning. Well, especially as I am mourning, soaring, roaring,.. But I am rowing my boat towards you. If I go to your school, what grade would you please me. My keyboard is sick of me, putting all this garbage here with fingers typings, rolling, and boring.
It is getting boring sweet 'n spicy friend. If I go to spice bazaar, which spice you would be. If you go to the grocery, which cashier number you would find me. As long as you can find me, I don't worry. I heard you are on vacation for 2 weeks. Why where...See, yesterday's sweet Y, today's spicy Y. Bye.