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A blog to cater your mind,body,and soul as you drink Turkish Coffee. We are proud to present our new storyline called Cafe's search for his "Zahir". Everyday is a new day for the "Cafe" (from Istanbul) & his journey for "Zahir" (from Baku). Don't expect extraordinary drama from the narrator, me. Still, this is a drama (maybe real!), and have better impact on you than watching a soap opera. Guaranteed. There is genuine feelings within inspirational periods. Cross your fingers for this story to end with happy marriage :-) All rights are reserved.

EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A dedication to Ulia Lysenko

J'adore the portrait of Mrs. Lysenko.
It is not really unfortunate that she is Mrs.
But, I believe there should be similar portrait around the world. I hope it is not very far away from my land.

After some long research and wait, I found out about her blog.

I had no visitors from Russia so far, and I believe after Ulia's entry to my life, I mean my blog, I shall see some movements from the North.

Yes, Ulia. Thanks for entertaining those people watching you on Ru.Tv

I want to share with everyone that your mimic on your face is very genuine. Life should be funny enough to respond with such mimics. I wish you a happy life with your men. And I wish to find a women with such mimics to take the load of stress in this world and convert it to positive energy. And, no, I am not looking for a converter, just a normal woman.

Thanks to your level of modesty which is far from my expectations. So, this is good.

This time, I don't feel like the sheep watching the train passing by the countryside. I am still waiting for the next train, hopefully this time I will catch it.

Now, check Ulia Lysenko and Arseny Borodin (her fiancee, boyfriend, maybe husband, I dunno)

He is blonde, and she is brunette.

I am brunette, so my woman should be blonde!! Why?
Why not? No, I am not kidding, because I like Ulia, but she is taken. So... I dunno, I just think that Cafe's destiny is written by a blonde. I saw it in my prayers. Really, as a faithful person, I saw a blonde wife as I was praying for a woman to marry.

To come up with such solutions we can create further scenarios, but I limit myself with the scenario Ulia offered to us with her preference. Once again, best of luck to this young couple. I would like to meet them once I team up with my blonde. Then, I will post my picture here.

Signature: Cafe

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heart Beat as the life goes on, but...

It has been a long time and still the heart cannot bear the fact that she is gone, too far, too far away. Still asking the reason why we separated as we were so happy together. Take a glue and try to stick two things together. No matter how perfect the glue is, still things can separate...Put two human beings together, don't use a glue, since their love is more sticky than the glue, but still separation...As a matter of fact I had to postpone my dreams to learn better Russian, for now, we are stuck with business, strictly business.

I wish I would understand one day why the world doesn't give us more time to think for some decisions to make. Can I have 25 hours in some days, and cut my overtime from the other days I will have in my proposal.

Dear Whomever I'm Being Forced to Deal with,

Why are you taking her away from me, while I am coming closer and closer to her..

Thanks to the world with lots of other alternatives...beautiful alternatives...And, in some cases, very confusing...Finding the right girl is like solving the last problem in the math exam. The professor was always putting the most difficult question at the end of the test, and it was like a bonus question. Well, by name, bonus is attractive, we gotta solve it. And, it takes more time than we may think before we begin to solve it.

I wish for a bonus girl with bonus questions that I will need to solve until the end of my life. Otherwise, it will be so boring to say, "oh, finally we're home"

Due to the last crisis around the world, we keep waiting for the moment, when we will execute our long-waited strategies, tackle new markets, and stop waiting for the unexpected and expect the expected..

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Post

Daily Post, or Washington Post, wait for now, let's call it New Post.

As I mentioned before, I am still a big fan of mind blogging. I would prefer to call one phone number, just speak out my thoughts, and expect it to be well-written on such a blog like cafe alaturca.

Let's see what we will see in the near future about this fact.

About the Cafe drama, we will resume our thoughts and opinion in the next show.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Copy and Paste

It is already 1pm, and I had too many things in mind to share, vote and discuss. I am not a maniac to add comments on each and every one of my posts. And, continue to discuss each topic, day after day.

Today, cafe opens up the discussion for copy-paste methodology in relationships. How do we pronounce or punctuate our feelings? Are we successful enough? Or, we are circulating around the four letter word, and change the noun and subject every second. I love you, you love me, I love me, me love you.

To create some inspirational moments, cafe is meeting up with you in this blog with different topics and discussions. If the innovation is key in today's business, then innovation is also key in today's relationships.

It should be alright to copy one type of innovative thought in your relationship to your business project, or vice versa. Let's see what we will come up with in the near future.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cafe meets up with Life

Dear Life,

If you are reading this, I have a few words to speak to you.

We are meant to pair up in this life to grow new generations. Although it is not as easy as releasing new iPod's, it is fun and it has a humane emotions behind it.

Technology may kill the old-fashioned, groovy, home-baked emotions, and I want to admit that I am using a part of this new technology to speak with visitors from around the world.

If those visitors are just walk-in clients, than it is fine, let it snow, let it snow...

I am not as concerned as other blog writers to fill up this blog with many visitors. My main concern is to leave here a landmark of my fresh feelings and thoughts about life and the pair-up scenario.

We are born with two legs and two arms/hands and two eyes. But, we have one brain and one heart. I guess, we were given one brain and one heart to pair 'em up with another.

Well, I seem to find one pair of brain and heart. Unfortunately, some other person called Leo already made a reservation. It could be Teo, Mayo, or Sergio, it doesn't matter. What is concerning me is that I am unable to meet the demand of my future needs, like earning money for my family, get involved in kids' life, etc.

Otherwise, life rush has been taking me along for a while now, don't worry, I am on my way.

I am just tired of staying behind and keep waiting for my pair.

She was engaged, and I would buy her a pair of gloves, so she can hide it away from me. My main concern was to see if she has the mind and heart matching with mine.

I wanted to be honest and trustworthy, that's why I don't fit in one office, or one cubicle. I am born to build my own company maybe, just waiting for the right moment. Maybe, I am looking for that woman who will pair up with my mind and heart. It is getting so difficult as I am eliminating some current candidates. As the new era suggests as the "new look", I don't want that, I want pure happiness, without any make up. Natural look. Yes, please, bring 'em on.

Natural jokes, flawless speech, modest behavior...

I am still thinking if there is any light in Leo's preferences.

I spoke about painting a picture and check if both pictures match with each other. Essentially and eventually, men shall need to fulfill his woman's dreams, and vice versa. So, painting that picture...

I have so much big bubbles on my Turkish Coffee that I don't think my pair is awaiting me. But, I am mining. I shall meet new people and new places. I am just a little bit tired, although I am still young, there may be too much attention on my innovations and resolutions.

I am sick to tell more lies to my clients from my ex-company. I quit there because I could not resist the office dilemmas and atmosphere with lots of lies, lies, lies.

Since my heart still beating for export, I am trying, and just curious if we will ever be true, honest, straight.

Dear Life,

If you happen to see Leo, tell him he made a bueno choice. I wish him and his beautiful pair of mind & heart good luck, and lots of happiness. I hope, her family will be able to handle a boyfriend from out of bounds. As a person who has been engaged in off-shore love, it is not much anticipated by in-bound family.

But, when two hearts match, sometimes the mind is left behind, and the families are more concerned about the mind-mix, then the happiness of two hearts.

Dear Life,

I realized what I want.

I want a natural, beautiful girl.

I guess, blonde, because in my prayers, I've seen myself marrying a blonde woman. It was before Zair, and after Zair, meeting up with Leo's woman turned on a light bulb in my mind, thinking what if that blonde was Leo's woman.

Excuse me Leo, since you are not married yet, I happen to think like this. Otherwise, I am a person of respect. I would personally congratulate you when you get married, if I happen to learn/know.

Yes, sorry Life, I guess I complicated things up too quickly.

Anyways, today is almost done, and tomorrow the sun will rise earlier, with the same loaded lies about my ex-company, and loaded beliefs for my search for my blonde, and loaded projects to execute for a better financial future.

Looking forward to hear from you, wherever you are,

Kind regards,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Facebook - Add to friends...No thanks, I will meet her face to face...

How would you describe yourself, solely looking at the other person's face?

Does it sound like a scary feeling to meet someone, just relying on some emails and some phone conversations..

If there is no spark, you would not insist..

But if there is some spark, not the Captain Spark type, but emotional type, like thunderstorms in your heart, and your coat is not enough to keep you dry from the bucket-full rain.

It is a sizzling feeling to think what if...

What if I can see if there is anything in her heart that I would also be able to fulfill..

The basic question was:

What do you want/expect from life?

And, the answer is lost within the mobile phone data transfer center. Maybe, the customer service lady liked this a lot, so she saved this "aloha!" question for herself, and my text message never reached her...

Being engaged, I remember that...It was a fuzzy feeling, especially when it is the decision of one person, not a joint decision...

I have no idea what is going on in this scenario...I am just getting more curious every other day..

If I have a chance, I will take that young or adult American to Turkey, and let them have a happy marriage..

Yes, I am irregular, I know. Maybe, I shall sleep on the boat, and never come back to the shores of love again.

They shall be happy forever...

And, when I make a movie out of my box (so called life), then it will be delicious to add such memories..

Visiting the girl whom I like to speak forever, never wishing the end of the conversation to come...

Indeed, I asked two questions.

1- Are you married?
2- Do you have a boyfriend?
3- ..... (could not speak, after the confidence clash due to the powerful impact of these questions.)

Her answer was yes for the first question. Indeed, that ring on her finger was just an engagement ring.

That's why, Mr. Leo. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

If I am the CEO of a company, or I have one of those regular business card, will I be evaluated differently? Entrepreneurs sorry finale is their seeks for perfectionism, I guess. Since we can think for a better idea everyday, the finale product never emerges..

Mr. Leo...wherever you are, this is the time to sing,

"Baby, I have some much love for you..."

Mr. Leo, frankly speaking...

Do you love her?

Or, do you cheat on her as soon as you land in the US?

What the hack is going on?

I like to keep things clear. My ambition is to meet her, and understand her. Maybe after that, we would realize that we don't belong to each other, so Mr. Leo, sorry to bother you and include you in this nonsense conversation.

What if, we do?

What if we do match each other perfectly, and you, Mr. Leo, is such mixing things up.

Don't have any idea about her visit to this blog, and realize about the whole brainstorming behind the scenes..

But, I guess, this is encouraging for the new generation who is more concerned about one-night stands, rather than long-term relations.

Yes, I am a traditional men, and I am happy to be frank with her as soon as I meet her face to face.

However, I still hope that I can hear the last words I would like to hear, which are, Sorry Mr. Cafe, it is impossible!!!

Ocho, number eight.
Uno, number one.

Pick whatever number you want, but you seem to be my priority, at the same time, I am thinking for your happiness with Mr. Leo, if all things are considered..

Was a long day instead. Just continue to seek for our "nasip and/or qismet", meaning our lucky number.

Dear Mr. Leo,

Please be as frank as I am towards her, and tell her your genuine reasons to marry her, and genuine feelings you feed towards her.

Let's keep it real, as we say in America.
Let's keep it genuine, coming way down from deep inside our hearts...

God bless America!...

Leo - Too Complicated

Dear Leo,

Who are you?

Why are you?

Where are you?


I wish, I have a chance to speak with her. Not like going out. We can meet at one cafe, and leave out from different doors. We can wear glasses. But, I would like to see her eyes, when we chat.

Tonight's approach may not be right. Plus, there was really big bubbles in my Turkish coffee, before I started to drink it. There is nazar, there is jealousy in the air. I am just not sure, if I will ever have a chance to speak with her.

Just one chance.

Really, just one.

It doesn't mean a date. Stop that!

Just a cafe talk, run or walk, somewhere I can hear her and see her eyes...

As a regular guy with irregular feelings, I feel more complicated, but not as much as she does for her future, if I understand her right.

I hope I would position myself on the right side, like standing by the window, or by the corner, you know, just waiting...But, not waiting foolishly...

That's why...I just want to talk to her, face to face, and check if there is any light.

My friend heard her voice over the phone, and he also thought that the voice was sweet.

What sweet? It is melting my heart. My whole-being...

I did not fall in love with her...Not yet, and cannot. She is engaged. But, day after day, I am getting more curious...

Dear Leo,

Why? and How did you win her heart?

Why she?

Simple questions, unheard answers.

Dear Leo,

I may be able to find you, somewhere over the rainbow...

I don't say I will gettcha!!!

But, who are you to conquer her heart? Just curious really. I wish happiness to both of you.

Just curious, really. I mean it, believe me.

God bless America!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Coincidence Times Coincidence Equals to Zero

Dear Leo,

Never expect to meet you, but just heard about you.

It was not also expected to have her left alone, with such sympathy, and enthusiasm, and best of all, great sense of humor. You are a lucky person to find such a girl.

For Cafe, the journey just started, after the long-awaited finale with Zair.
It would be such a relief to reach to the shores of long-awaited joyful life, after that foolish struggle for Zair.

Dear Leo,

I just don't understand, how you meant to import love from Turkey. We have lots of great stuff in our country, but why don't you leave such beauties like her in our land. Just curious, really! Why?

I finally decided to travel to the other part of the city and meet her, and realized her ring on her finger, and thought it might be one of "those" rings. In fact, it was your ring, Mr. Leo. Congratulations.

From now on, I can only pray for your happiness, as I believe you match each other perfectly. I hope so. But, if not?

It is not my business to answer that question, but if I sort of love her as well. Honestly, I don't know her as much as you do. But, I desire exactly the same level of sense of humor. Yes, that enthusiasm is all I need in this fast-paced life. The sympathy that will come alive after a long rush work days. She is just so colorful, and fun to talk and listen, forever...

Beg my pardon, also, for some emails I wrote, could be easily recognized as a trial to flirt with her. I was just amazed to hear such a voice, then match that voice with her picture on LinkedIn, then slowly gathered my confidence to meet her personally, finally. Beg my pardon, Mr. Leo. The heart doesn't listen to those cliche rules. It keeps beating...

My heart was beating so fast, I just couldn't figure out how to find the way out, but as I promised to myself, I cut the corners, and asked her those two magical questions, I beg your pardon, Mr. Leo.

I could not have any chance to ask the third question, maybe I didn't believe from the beginning...

Maybe, I just didn't know if she would like to go out for a movie, theater, cafe, or a short walk.

I guess, I just need somebody with such enthusiasm, and if she is reading this, hope she is, then I kindly ask her to find somebody for me. Somebody having similar attributes with her. I want to have a memory out of this long traffic day, resembling heavy traffic in my mind and heart about her answer....

Good job, Mr. Leo. You hit two birds with one stone. You hit her heart and mine, at the same time. She is yours, and I am fined.

The coincidences are:

She came back to Turkey at the same I did.

She is the zodiac sign I guessed.

Her fiancee's name is my zodiac sign.

Her fiancee is foreign, just like mine. Well, I didn't get engaged, officially, but I was, with a foreign girl I met in the US. I broke up with her, due to her changed feelings. I don't know, and I don't want dig further if there is any slight chance for Cafe to meet the Sea again.

Now, staying at the island, unsure about what the winter will bring. Cannot meet the Sea again, unless she gives any signal to me.