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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

(One Day) We Will Meet....Yes, We Will

An old Turkish song says it all:
"Surely, we will meet one day!"

It is better to think about "the future's will be" than getting anxious about "today's could be"

We messed up a load of time with dreams and constructing lots of sentences with "the past's could be", and all were just beginning to turn out to be simple lies, or impossibilities.

But, there is one more possibility!

Neither the past, nor today will humiliate our future. As an half of the apple, I will not let any sides to go brown. We are well-wrapped up and kept fresh. It is quite uncommon nowadays, as we consume everything fast paced, and imagining this love to stay fresh for more than five years is unbelievable. But, thinking for the possibility!
Just listen to another old Turkish song.

Bir ihtimal daha var o da ölmek mi dersin
Söyle canım ne dersin
Vuslatın başka alem sen bir ömre bedelsin
Sen bir ömre bedelsin
Sükut etme nazlı yar beni mecnun edersin
Beni mecnun edersin
Vuslatın başka alem sen bir ömre bedelsin
Sen bir ömre bedelsin

My rough translation to English :)
There is just another possibility
Do you think it is the death
Tell me dear what do you think
Longing for you is another life, you are worth a life
You are worth a life
Don't stay silent, you are making me "mecnun*"
You are making me "mecnun*"
Longing for you is another life, you are worth a life
You are worth a life

*dangerously in love :)

Her intuition vs. my strong belief about "our" future.

It is "our" since this is not an agreed point yet, and the jury will decide whether the court should take necessary approval to remove the quotation marks and just release US.

I am my own sincere lawyer whereas she is all surrounded by several decision-makers to defend "her" case.

Her intuitions come true because I left her alone without any concrete put over our togetherness.

All those ups and downs created huge fluctuation, even worse than the price of petrol.

We feed our intuition, though we could also feed our belief.

It is one way to fasten our seat belt and travel 1,110 miles east.
It is another way to avoid sitting on your seat, and walk around in the airplane, and don't care about the sign "Fasten Your Seat-Belt"
Then, do you know where are you going?
Where is your destination?

How many more captains are gonna knock on your door to give you a ride forever?

I planted these seeds quite a long time ago.
But, the landowner decides, and makes the plan.
In classical words, Allah makes the plan.
We, as humans by nature, just try.

It is worth a try to continue fighting.
Because, she is worth a girl to die for during the time of almost losing her.

It is one way to see her unforgettable smile on her untouchable beautiful face.
It is another way to hear that "she doesn't love you" anymore.

In 2004, I put out the map, and plot my destination. Sorry, it took a while, but don't bother to deny, people were traveling for years on camel back to reach their lovers.

It is a technological world right now, and this is only to save those others important decisions, when it is time to stand up and just word up.
Those others who should not take the Cafe Zahir way, because it is risky, not suitable for all.
Because, there will be a time when words will not matter anymore.

I wish to conclude with a few words from the Coelho's book. And, it is true that I am almost lost without the Zahir's presence (rising from the book). Now, it is not only limited in the paperback edition. I am simply living it, and feeling it more than ever, as I get closer to the ending.

Happy or sad, this will be a mutual decision.

Love is not that flexible to pull to the opposite sides forever.

In the book, it says that there is blue behind the gray color of the sky.

I always wanted to be her blue. I am almost done with gathering enough dye from the nature. I will paint such a blue that she cannot imagine in her life.

One more note supported by another old Turkish song.
Rough translation of the title of the song - "I didn't love you to forget you!"