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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Facebook - Add to friends...No thanks, I will meet her face to face...

How would you describe yourself, solely looking at the other person's face?

Does it sound like a scary feeling to meet someone, just relying on some emails and some phone conversations..

If there is no spark, you would not insist..

But if there is some spark, not the Captain Spark type, but emotional type, like thunderstorms in your heart, and your coat is not enough to keep you dry from the bucket-full rain.

It is a sizzling feeling to think what if...

What if I can see if there is anything in her heart that I would also be able to fulfill..

The basic question was:

What do you want/expect from life?

And, the answer is lost within the mobile phone data transfer center. Maybe, the customer service lady liked this a lot, so she saved this "aloha!" question for herself, and my text message never reached her...

Being engaged, I remember that...It was a fuzzy feeling, especially when it is the decision of one person, not a joint decision...

I have no idea what is going on in this scenario...I am just getting more curious every other day..

If I have a chance, I will take that young or adult American to Turkey, and let them have a happy marriage..

Yes, I am irregular, I know. Maybe, I shall sleep on the boat, and never come back to the shores of love again.

They shall be happy forever...

And, when I make a movie out of my box (so called life), then it will be delicious to add such memories..

Visiting the girl whom I like to speak forever, never wishing the end of the conversation to come...

Indeed, I asked two questions.

1- Are you married?
2- Do you have a boyfriend?
3- ..... (could not speak, after the confidence clash due to the powerful impact of these questions.)

Her answer was yes for the first question. Indeed, that ring on her finger was just an engagement ring.

That's why, Mr. Leo. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

If I am the CEO of a company, or I have one of those regular business card, will I be evaluated differently? Entrepreneurs sorry finale is their seeks for perfectionism, I guess. Since we can think for a better idea everyday, the finale product never emerges..

Mr. Leo...wherever you are, this is the time to sing,

"Baby, I have some much love for you..."

Mr. Leo, frankly speaking...

Do you love her?

Or, do you cheat on her as soon as you land in the US?

What the hack is going on?

I like to keep things clear. My ambition is to meet her, and understand her. Maybe after that, we would realize that we don't belong to each other, so Mr. Leo, sorry to bother you and include you in this nonsense conversation.

What if, we do?

What if we do match each other perfectly, and you, Mr. Leo, is such mixing things up.

Don't have any idea about her visit to this blog, and realize about the whole brainstorming behind the scenes..

But, I guess, this is encouraging for the new generation who is more concerned about one-night stands, rather than long-term relations.

Yes, I am a traditional men, and I am happy to be frank with her as soon as I meet her face to face.

However, I still hope that I can hear the last words I would like to hear, which are, Sorry Mr. Cafe, it is impossible!!!

Ocho, number eight.
Uno, number one.

Pick whatever number you want, but you seem to be my priority, at the same time, I am thinking for your happiness with Mr. Leo, if all things are considered..

Was a long day instead. Just continue to seek for our "nasip and/or qismet", meaning our lucky number.

Dear Mr. Leo,

Please be as frank as I am towards her, and tell her your genuine reasons to marry her, and genuine feelings you feed towards her.

Let's keep it real, as we say in America.
Let's keep it genuine, coming way down from deep inside our hearts...

God bless America!...

Leo - Too Complicated

Dear Leo,

Who are you?

Why are you?

Where are you?


I wish, I have a chance to speak with her. Not like going out. We can meet at one cafe, and leave out from different doors. We can wear glasses. But, I would like to see her eyes, when we chat.

Tonight's approach may not be right. Plus, there was really big bubbles in my Turkish coffee, before I started to drink it. There is nazar, there is jealousy in the air. I am just not sure, if I will ever have a chance to speak with her.

Just one chance.

Really, just one.

It doesn't mean a date. Stop that!

Just a cafe talk, run or walk, somewhere I can hear her and see her eyes...

As a regular guy with irregular feelings, I feel more complicated, but not as much as she does for her future, if I understand her right.

I hope I would position myself on the right side, like standing by the window, or by the corner, you know, just waiting...But, not waiting foolishly...

That's why...I just want to talk to her, face to face, and check if there is any light.

My friend heard her voice over the phone, and he also thought that the voice was sweet.

What sweet? It is melting my heart. My whole-being...

I did not fall in love with her...Not yet, and cannot. She is engaged. But, day after day, I am getting more curious...

Dear Leo,

Why? and How did you win her heart?

Why she?

Simple questions, unheard answers.

Dear Leo,

I may be able to find you, somewhere over the rainbow...

I don't say I will gettcha!!!

But, who are you to conquer her heart? Just curious really. I wish happiness to both of you.

Just curious, really. I mean it, believe me.

God bless America!