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A blog to cater your mind,body,and soul as you drink Turkish Coffee. We are proud to present our new storyline called Cafe's search for his "Zahir". Everyday is a new day for the "Cafe" (from Istanbul) & his journey for "Zahir" (from Baku). Don't expect extraordinary drama from the narrator, me. Still, this is a drama (maybe real!), and have better impact on you than watching a soap opera. Guaranteed. There is genuine feelings within inspirational periods. Cross your fingers for this story to end with happy marriage :-) All rights are reserved.

EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sometimes, Somewhere over the rainbow

I am sick of typing, sometimes I want to open the window and shout outside the name of Zair. It is sometimes just TOO MUCH, while enjoying the purity and simplicity of "Zahir", feeling the love of her, whilst she is not with me....Cafe Says...

Cafe wants to say a lot of things...A LOT....

For now, my window is this blog...Allah qoysa, I will reach to her...inshallah (hopefully)...

No pain no gain is the motto in the army.
My life became a copy of army duty.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...As Frank Sinatra says..

By the way, Queen had a new album, Ms. Zair, have you heard that?
Queen + Paul Rodgers

I am putting up some links, but as you know web life is also not eternal...some links become dead link as well..I just don't want this blog to go death without you...May Allah bring you back to me...

....Cafe says,

Also, Cafe wanted to go to Ukraine with his friend, and Zair was upset. That trip never happened, and Zair likes the singer Бумбокс, and I like to listen to this singer, and his group is on tour in Ukraine, plus they are from Ukraine. What a coincidense...I believe in signs and my signs show me approaching to Zair...inshallah.....

2 Hours Passed, I already Missed Her

Yes, indeed.

Just for the sake of making her wish come true, I am unable to "bother/disturb" her.

In fact, I would talk more in depth about her last sentence, maybe I will find some parts that make me feel more guilty, so I will feel bad, sad, but not mad.

Let's revisit her last quote:
"i want you to leave me alone..let me live quetly my life without disturbing, keepin me away from any news from u"

Well, it is just too hard to talk further about this quote. She did not live any open door for Cafe to brew some more beans and serve under the carpet, as if bribing her feelings.
Wow, I like that...Bribing her feelings...very relative to today's capitalist mentality, to accomplish our lucrative goals, bribing is not a big deal. Under the carpet money...

I won't bribe her feelings, instead I will use my flying carpet to pray to Allah and bring her back to me, Cafe says.

Cafe says everything, do not misunderstand me, the narrator who is just a bridge between East and West, like Bosphorus Bridge. Speaking of this bridge, let me add the photo of Cafe reclaiming his desire, his insistence on taking her back. What a stupid life to lose your loved ones. We should be more like a human, rather than animals, or birds, or even fish.
I feel like a fish in the aquarium, making the same mistakes over and over again, and do not realize I am still in the same fish tank.

Songs that should be reflecting Cafe vs. Zair

First of all, I should clarify that Zair is not Cafe's poison, but instead medicine. So, please refer to this modification.

She recommended two songs from Бумбокс.
One of them:
Бумбокс - Вахтерам
Well, I don't know Russian either, so anyone who can translate the name of the song and the singer, would be highly appreciated.
The other song is: Бумбокс - Та4то

One day I will understand Russian, I just don't know when.

EDIT: I got more information about this singer. Check out last.fm profile.

Beginning a new day....

Hi everyone,

Cafe is proud to sponsor the 1st annual breakup-shakedown-get married awards.
What does it mean?
It means, you need to work very hard to have your girlfriend try to break-up, then you need to shake down and ask yourself what is wrong with you that this separation happens, and then you find the cure and get married finally.

Cafe is not absolutely sure in what phase of this tri-step process he is hanging around.
It is definitely, the break-up step, but maybe close to shakedown...Since Cafe is thinking each day what he has done to her...How he was unable to reply back to Zair's wishes...

The biggest lesson Cafe learned from the last two days' email conversations with Zair is that:

Ask this question to your girlfriend, to your wife...


I realized it is so important. Cafe has been planning to get out of the s*** hole he put himself in, as he was slowly losing her 4 years ago. That s*** hole was like the ones in Hopi Village. They dig a hole in the ground at the height of a regular person. All year, they use that hole for their extraction (toiletry) needs. Indeed, Cafe dig similar hole, at the quantity of four. All of them are full now, and finally he realized to ask this important question:

What do you want Zair?

All these years, it was more important to ask similar question to himself, and always motivate himself to accomplish these goals.

Of course, maybe 3 years ago, calling her and asking what do you want Zair, may be answered like, "Get outta my life!!!"
This would be pretty disturbing for Cafe trying to accomplish his goals...

Thanks to Cafe Alaturca sponsoring the annual arguments between Cafe and Zair.
Those arguments were always flourishing..and those arguments were always deeply involving MISUNDERSTANDING...
This is pretty bad. A lack of communication and understanding hurts both sides...
Allah knows two routes end up merging ahead of us. We shall see, what future days will bring to our lives.

In fact, having the pleasure of accomplishing something that Zair wants, Cafe is enjoying the ultimate happiness. Even though it is not Cafe's most wanted wishes, it feels great.

Last, I quote what Zair wants;
"i want you to leave me alone..let me live quetly my life without disturbing, keepin me away from any news from u"