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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Failed to Load

Of course, when I have lots of enthusiasm to write, the weather report for Baku fails to load. What would you think? Yes, ironically, there is no news from Baku, yet, although a report has been filed a few hours ago.

I found out why I am obsessed with this particular woman.

She is more than a woman!

She is a friend, she is a mom, she is a girl, she is a celebrity, she is a prayer, she is everything. And, just like a candy for a child, or a hot oven for an old pal, she is unreachable, for now.

The uncertainty hurts not only her, but also me. As I approach to the certainty slowly, she is also drifting away from me, or just escaping to the "reality".

So, what is real?

Is it hidden behind the castle of your surroundings? What is it?

I am getting more hectic, yet still humble to embrace the eternal end.

How would you like the end? Or, to be continued.

Please, skip the commercial, I didn't record these moments, I know, I am just living it, but I should have a chance to move fast forward. Yes, as fast as possible. We are not traveling on the camel back anymore. Well, take the plane, still it is slow. Why she is not living next door? How would you feel if you fall in love with a women living next door, and you NEVER have a chance to see her. No talks, nothing.

Only a simple good morning around 6am every once in three months. I'd exaggerate and make this one year, but three months is fair enough.


Would you be obsessed like me and feed your passion with almost nothing happening, just by imagination and prayers?

The phone will not ring, never, of course.

I don't expect any reply, of course.

I am just getting ready for the next step, make a global "warming."

This should work, if all post offices will be loyal to each other, and for once in a lifetime, they will deliver their letters on the same exact date.

I don't expect this to happen, but hope all letters will be delivered.

My kids will see the postcard on the wall of the kitchen, and verify how crazy I am and she is.

Her craziness has been proven in the past, but for now, she is in fact dead silent.

Being dead silent, doesn't mean her love is dead. It has been buried according to her surroundings, but..

It is unlike a VISA card, not every shop accepts my type of passion. Fortunately.

I opened an account in her bank, and I owe lots of work for her special arrangement since I am not a citizen of this ...

Glad to know they still sell flowers. I thought, I would just download a program in my cell phone, and send a text message when I come next to her. No talks, just text messaging. Only max. 10 characters are allowed. Unlike ordinary 160 characters or so.

Only 10.

What would I say?

I love you is too classic and will be meaningless.

I hate you is saved for the moments when we remember our past struggles together.

"I and You for Ever" makes more than 10 characters, I guess, I don't count it now, I will not count it, because I know what I am gonna say.


It means "Hello" in Turkish.

Yes, a simple "merhaba"


Not much, it is just like reaching the shore after fighting with all the storms in the ocean ALONE.

From now on, togetherness will secure a common interest in further storms and pleasures which are eventually combined to make up this world around us.

Dear Zahir,