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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Message Sent

Dear You,

Or, shall I say just hello!
A few more signs were picked up from the ground, as I was approaching to talk to you. Of course, this cannot last forever, and I'd be the happiest person in the world, if my scenario comes up to be true. Why I am leading this discussion? Guess? I know, and you know. There were a couple of phrases we used to say, and those phrases were so powerful, it was reflecting each other's insight. There should be another you, if there is, she would still be you, so there is nobody like you. I have a permit to drive within the country, but I really don't want to check out what is the most recent weather update, because I don't care if it rains, snows, sunshine, or chilly. Let me sip a little from my soup, and it is beyond midnight, and it is just crazy enough to mess with the computer's mouse to figure out the way to organize the catalog which took almost 3-4 hours out of my office time. Now, I am back home and lying on your laps, and you are caring enough to comb my hair, and send random kisses to my cheeks, while lips are so jealous for the lost years.
Yes, indeed, the soup has some lemon, and it makes it more tasty I think, well it is lentil soup, and it is blended, so lentil are smashed, blended you know, as you are blended in me.
Well, I didn't sip, because it is just hot, so I preferred to stir it a little bit. When I met you, you didn't have any caution sign saying you are hot, and you were hot, and I guess you are still hot. I would prefer to select a few scenes from the past, and just figure out my way out of this dilemma, as I promised to myself not to contact you until I end up in your country for a business trip, then I'd check out what's up with you, without leaving any clues I have been so close to you. But, I could not resist after watching that movie which was almost laying out my experience, but not experiment/practise with you. It's a shame for a boy to date a girl and say we shall just practise marriage. I should have asked you to marry me, but that wouldn't guarantee anything, because the warranty was not valid outside the US. Calm down, wait a few minutes, I am almost lost within my soup, my late nite dish which will not include main plate, because as I starve a little bit, my consciousness is up %99.99 and I just don't want to change this channel, and I will not let those ones playing around in my mind and messing with my concentration. I am fully diagnosed, and the doctor say I am sick. Yes, I am sick of the past foolishness which led you to hide under another one's arms, as I sink, I got sick, as I got sick, I got fool, understand, and then be cool. Yes, I am cool, no worries, but after this message sent, there is tons of stuff to say, and simply decided to put a few sentences in the body. Soup is calling, please look after the kids, I will be back shortly.
How would you have kids, if you continue to be stubborn to stay in your country right? It is just traditions, and we are so obsessed with them, so we still have a couple of points to discuss. But, wait, no worries again, your life, your decisions, right? But, me, sinking down again. I have two memories about deep wells. One of them was in a city called Canakkale, Turkey. They used to open a very deep well, and during the war, they were throwing enemies in there. I am not sure which time of the history, it could be way back in time. Still, the well was too deep, and I began to think, what if they put me in there, and the only thing in my mind would be to reach to you, how would I accomplish that? It is impossible to climb up the wall, and suppose I have a spoon, or make a tea spoon. I shall open another tunnel, maybe reach to sea, and just swim to the closest shore. Suppose, I end up in an island, and I will not be able to leave unless I hear from you. How would you contact me? Wait, I dropped my cell phone, and yes I know, you already deleted my number, right? I never could, you know?
As a writer, they ask, my mind visitors, why I don't put any images to colleborate with the art of words. My answer would be similar to Paulo Coelho. He said each reader is putting their own images, and shooting their own films by reading each words in my writing. I would never like to shoot a movie out of my books, he says in Zahir. If you ask me, I would make a soap opera out of my writings, and these soap operas will be 5 minutes each, and they will be broadcasted right before the news. What do you think? Are we fair enough? I am starving, and I am thinking about eating, but once again I am not sure why? I wait. I won't cry, as I did at the end of that movie. Oops, also in the middle, somewhere. I still hear your cry as well. Why? It seems so stupid to experience what you had for five years. I already completed one year, are we even? I feel so sorry, and I believe it is more than being sorry, I feel lost. Haha, right! Being lost is the best solution, but I am just unable to name this situation. If I read more, I could have a good word here, making this a little bit more sophisticated. No matter if you eat your yoghurt plain or with fruits, I will always watch your channel. When I sleep, I will always register your name in the server, but they don't promise to offer me choices from your cuisine. But, I met the patisserie cookie we used eat in your country. They are baking this one of a kind cookie around the corner from our office. When I ask, who deserves my passion, all first ten spots are reserved for you. I guess we already missed bunch of them, and now those seats are occupied by others and I don't even see them, and if you ask me, I will always wait even though we keep counting after ten. Yes, it is foolish, and I cannot decide, because I don't know if you pregnant yet? I guess, that will be the end of story, and I shall immediately dig a well, and just stand inside for a couple of hours. I shall decide why I had to collect all those mistakes in my life and just gathered them all in front of you, and unconsciously offered them to you. Why? I miss you like crazy, and I really hesitate to check out acceptable mixture of beauties of mind, body and soul. I expect an answer, and I hope it is not too late. If it is, message is sent already, you know how we do. Sit down, pray, wait, and see. As always, we pray for the righteous person, and everyone knows and witnessed how much I ...