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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

16 August or 16 Days Left, Do I Have a Reason?

Should not I wonder
or become curious

Shall I wait
I prefer to walk-in
rather than make an appointment

Really wanted to make this relation
this passion
a reason
for being arisen
from my sleep

Eyes gotta be open
to avoid sleeping
when my eyes are open
why do I still feel like asleep

I don't see you
Or you don't look at me

I tried to check the mirror
It should be reflecting your beauty
In fact, I can't even see myself
Don't you listen to me

I can't see you
You don't look at me

Following your smell
would take me where
I am not fool, or narcotic
I won't talk ironic
Still passionate about rhymes you see
Is it a coincidence,
or is it just me

Just me and you
how would you describe this world
I wanted to build a house
Try very hard to keep the basement strong
I don't want skyscrapers
I won't like high towers
I just want you
Even though I can't see you
Worst thing would be have people hide you
Then, there is no luck
No inspiration
Nothing, nada, vamos

Did you know I even wrote a love letter in Spanish
My teacher told me if a person can speak a language to argue and to express his/her emotions, then this is good for mastering the language.

I wanna make this Turkish now, because I am end of the road now, all obstacles seem to be coming towards me. I am getting very angry. Not that type anger towards someone. Just self-anger. See, now I look at the mirror and see my anger, being reflected back to me. Whenever you are not, anger, lust, sadness is there. But, why?

I don't have a reason to count down the days, if I don't know the destination. Believe it or not, today I was searching for shipping companies. One of them put a quote on their website. If you don't know where you are going, then there is no importance of the place where you reached. (by Peter F. Drucker)

I know I am coming to you, and the place I will reach is very important. It is you. It will be your destination now. I will keep waiting to have you host in my destination. From the beginning, to the end of this post, many things changed. Yes, I gave up on rhymes. I just wanna keep writing now. I am not a poet, but may begin to write scenario, or even an e-Book. Stories, inspirations, and aspirations which doesn't sound right, sounds like aspirin (the medicine). I already know that I have been prescribed a medicine called your name. I just can't get your name, and leave you unknown right. You have five letters in your name. At least give me one letter. We already share one letter, it is E. Well, it is a good start, but I have three letters, you have 5, we need to balance it. I want your A. It is the not the first letter in your name, but it is the first letter in the alphabet. I wish our life will be an alphabet, each we celebrate one letter. I just want to begin to do that now. Your birthday will happen at the of the online poll I put on this blog. I hope this letters will be evolving, and at the end, I will see how much I can survive without you. Too many things to says, but they are not things, they are gems, very precious stones. No, wait, they are not stones to throw at you. They are stones to protect you from harm. Take them. Take them. Take them. I will be hiding beneath them.