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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Miss it and kiss it goodbye

If we begin to list the top ten most bothering acts about internet is when I am unable to connect, and secondly, the low speed when browsing. I wish the frequencies come into action here as well, and then what I think and design about the next 10 seconds on internet will instantly happen, without using my fingertips, because I am tried, and the keyboard tells in very humanely. Unlike chatting, I am using proper language, well, as much as I can as a guest speaker compared to native English speakers. Speaking of speakers, I also wish I have two speakers right next to my ears, then I can tell how often my heart beats. Yes, I only listen to my Heart's radio. There is no earphones, since they disconnect us %100 from the outsiders. Inside the body, there is some juice. Imagine, the last most excited time you had. But, let me explain this excitement a little bit. It is not like seeing a sexy women, or a men. It is not like watching the birds fly, and you are on the edge of the cliff, and you imagine flying like a bird. It is not like opening your laptop, and your battery heats up in about 30 seconds, and your opening and closing times almost match with each other. It is not like taking a box of cigarettes and smoking them to death. And, it is not like closing your mouth when you immediately need to say how much you love one, (or another). This excitement could be summarized within the borders of your stomach, where your diet is unlike a coyote, most likely to be nothing. Yes, it is when you lose your appetite because you are all flamed up with the desire to meet the special one. I don't watch channel one, I don't buy the orange with the quantities of one, because I need at least four of them to make the juice out of it. So, I can stay healthy. And, now, imagine yourself placing all those hard copy, conventional and confidential photos into the album. Then, imagine you forget to include a few of them (like about 17 - exact number from today's experience/experiment). Then, you go back and take out almost half of the total quantity (like 60). So, then you place those missed ones into the correct order, and complete the whole album with a big smile on our face and begin to think how much double shift I spend on this album. Yes, it is exactly the same feeling and minutes lost for a women who is unable to understand my desire to meet her. Unlike double shift, maybe I did triple, or quadrople. But, now, today, at this minute, I decided to give up, because it is not worth it. Well, she may be worth it, of course, but my shifting is not worth it, while I am trying to stand out as a person to worth meet. Unfortunately, the internet still doesn't work, and it is mixing up my flavors to create a new juice called, call me. Yes, call me, but call me. Whenever. We message each other and then maybe massage each other if we decide to get married in the long run, or short run, or soon. But, the idea of calling each other is not like a whole wheat bread. We send messages, stop and think, then write a paragraph maybe, or quickly-walk-to-the-corner-and-pick-up-some-flowers-and-give-it-to-her type of messages. I may be rushing to another city in the next 12 hours, but it is between the lips of the person sitting at the desk of the airport, what an interesting feeling for a well-organized, full of full person. Yes, I am full because being half doesn't make any sense. I am thinking I am already full but we still gladly accept VISA, I mean the applications. Of course, there is no pay per view in our life. We invite, you think, we almost close the door due to strict office hours, and you decide to ring the bell to say goodbye, or I mean hello, or maybe just chill with no lyrics. I like today's dilemma with some fruitful welcome hello type of phrase. A "how are you?" stuck between "what's up girl?" and "how are you ma'am?"
What does the writers think in their real life? If I sit down in a cafe with Paulo Celho, and ask him why I am unable to find this specialty delicatessen while he is giving birth to wonderful stories after one another. With correct directions, I could go to Shanghai, but I would prefer to stop by "there" and just ask around what she is doing, and what she is upto? I kind of miss it but we already kiss it to say goodbye.