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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


If I am the only ball in the stadium and each others families are simply playing games, and you, the Zahir, is just sitting in the lobby seat eating caviar and watching the game with a binocular to check every punches and kicks I get all over my circular body, this is not fair.

The weather is fair in Baku today, but this is not fair.

Now, she is on my background of the laptop, and I kiss the screen every once in a while. I hope the screen doesn't contain any hazardous pieces that will conquer my body entering from my lips through my heart, and then easily kill my love, my love to hold on to this stressful life playing soap opera type games, unlike the ongoing match in the stadium.

Same feeling fills the blanks in my mind as I look back at the picturesque buildings going with the ferry crossing Bosphorus. But, I see the sunshine when I look at the front, it was early Wednesday, just coming back from a drop-off to airport.

Making 140km with the car, is fine, but when I reach to 160km, it gets windy, and I hardly handle. I have to watch my front, because any mistake turn will heavily move the car to any side. I also keep my rear mirror and check back, if there is any other fast car following me and or trying to pass me. I am not stubborn to keep the left lane busy, or be the king of this particular lane waving all the cars on my right. Though, I am stubborn to be the king and try to make her my queen, because she long deserved it, and there is no equivalent king around her that will make her queen. Let's make it prince and the princess, because this title is more adorable for such a beauty. Queen may make her look old.

I have to print her photo right away, because I cannot continue to kiss the screen. I keep her present of traditional Azeri beads under my pillow every night to dominate my dreams with her interference, and last night she was holding my hands again, even more stronger. I wonder what Jannah and Omar will think of this, when they sit on my laps and do not have any idea what obstacles were put in front of their big Hello to this cosmic land, so called "The Earth"

I wish they also take a photo from the space and see which lovers are the most passionate towards each other, and I wonder if they will be able to see the thermal heat transfer between them. From Istanbul to Baku, if it is quite a distance, and I believe the heat will be still red enough to be seen clearly from the outer space. The long distance may uniformly distribute it, so the redness may lose some hue or saturation, but as I said, I feed it every second, but kissing her photo, or falling into dreams at night, or just seeing her anywhere I look. She was reflected on the tap in the morning. I had a very bad face in the morning, just woke up from a long sleep, due to a tiring 2-day work. But, the tap was smiling to me, ready to wash my face, and prepare me for another unexpected and full-of-not-enough-time work day. There is no office hours for me, just like there is no love moments for me for now. I create these moments on my own, send short RSS feeds to her heart without receiving any wavelengths from the Western shores of the Caspian sea. I feel the readiness of the dish we will eat together, but I am very cautious not to forget any spices and drinks. My no-dessert fight still continues, though my arms are quite weak always typing but not throwing any balls to the hoop and practice. I go out, I promise, and I will shoot the ball 1,000 times every morning. For the first few days, my arms will sore, but they should be ready to carry your heavily filled heart from any distance. My mind and heart are all ready, just physically I guess, the arms should be more muscular in order to carry your heart, as I say..

Your heart which was subject to many breaks, some due to my fallacies, some due to cosmic failures, and some just happened for no reason maybe. But believe me, I also had breaks and maybe for manhood reasons, these breaks are now strongly reconstructed like a gas pedal. We shall move on, Jannah and Omar are waiting impatiently. I have a small car for now, but as I said, it could go 160km and more.

I am pressing the gas pedal, and I have my seatbelt on, don't worry.

I am coming, don't worry, but please keep your arms open.

I open my arms wide and they are on the last stage to be sufficiently muscular.

I am driving 160km and more..

Please let us drive smoothly from now on...