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Friday, August 17, 2007

My Skype Is Down, and Sorry, I Cannot Take Any Message!

Yes, finally we see Skype had an error. Indeed, the most reliable and affordable peer-to-peer phone service on internet, they are still unsure about the cause of the problem.
"Skype executives said they still did not know why the error, sitting dormant for four years, suddenly crashed the network. They cited problems with the Internet backbone in some parts of the world as a possible contributing factor."
Right now, we have GTalk which is not comparable, but still acceptable for computer-to-computer talks.
Hopefully, skype will pe back in the sky.
If you want to read more, Cnet Crave Blog, and Forbes have some more information.

Added on August, 18:
Slashdot provides some information that Skype crash was due by a Russian hacker.

Added on August 19:
NYT writes the bottom line for this issue. By the way, this is the third time I heard about their HeartBeat blog. It is an awesome service to check how good Skype is operating.