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EDIT (01 July 2009) - She is engaged with another man, and I finally made my marriage proposal bringing my family to Baku. The result: She stays engaged and will have her wedding, so called "toy", with that another man.

Rest in peace Ms. Zahir.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cafe meets up with Life

Dear Life,

If you are reading this, I have a few words to speak to you.

We are meant to pair up in this life to grow new generations. Although it is not as easy as releasing new iPod's, it is fun and it has a humane emotions behind it.

Technology may kill the old-fashioned, groovy, home-baked emotions, and I want to admit that I am using a part of this new technology to speak with visitors from around the world.

If those visitors are just walk-in clients, than it is fine, let it snow, let it snow...

I am not as concerned as other blog writers to fill up this blog with many visitors. My main concern is to leave here a landmark of my fresh feelings and thoughts about life and the pair-up scenario.

We are born with two legs and two arms/hands and two eyes. But, we have one brain and one heart. I guess, we were given one brain and one heart to pair 'em up with another.

Well, I seem to find one pair of brain and heart. Unfortunately, some other person called Leo already made a reservation. It could be Teo, Mayo, or Sergio, it doesn't matter. What is concerning me is that I am unable to meet the demand of my future needs, like earning money for my family, get involved in kids' life, etc.

Otherwise, life rush has been taking me along for a while now, don't worry, I am on my way.

I am just tired of staying behind and keep waiting for my pair.

She was engaged, and I would buy her a pair of gloves, so she can hide it away from me. My main concern was to see if she has the mind and heart matching with mine.

I wanted to be honest and trustworthy, that's why I don't fit in one office, or one cubicle. I am born to build my own company maybe, just waiting for the right moment. Maybe, I am looking for that woman who will pair up with my mind and heart. It is getting so difficult as I am eliminating some current candidates. As the new era suggests as the "new look", I don't want that, I want pure happiness, without any make up. Natural look. Yes, please, bring 'em on.

Natural jokes, flawless speech, modest behavior...

I am still thinking if there is any light in Leo's preferences.

I spoke about painting a picture and check if both pictures match with each other. Essentially and eventually, men shall need to fulfill his woman's dreams, and vice versa. So, painting that picture...

I have so much big bubbles on my Turkish Coffee that I don't think my pair is awaiting me. But, I am mining. I shall meet new people and new places. I am just a little bit tired, although I am still young, there may be too much attention on my innovations and resolutions.

I am sick to tell more lies to my clients from my ex-company. I quit there because I could not resist the office dilemmas and atmosphere with lots of lies, lies, lies.

Since my heart still beating for export, I am trying, and just curious if we will ever be true, honest, straight.

Dear Life,

If you happen to see Leo, tell him he made a bueno choice. I wish him and his beautiful pair of mind & heart good luck, and lots of happiness. I hope, her family will be able to handle a boyfriend from out of bounds. As a person who has been engaged in off-shore love, it is not much anticipated by in-bound family.

But, when two hearts match, sometimes the mind is left behind, and the families are more concerned about the mind-mix, then the happiness of two hearts.

Dear Life,

I realized what I want.

I want a natural, beautiful girl.

I guess, blonde, because in my prayers, I've seen myself marrying a blonde woman. It was before Zair, and after Zair, meeting up with Leo's woman turned on a light bulb in my mind, thinking what if that blonde was Leo's woman.

Excuse me Leo, since you are not married yet, I happen to think like this. Otherwise, I am a person of respect. I would personally congratulate you when you get married, if I happen to learn/know.

Yes, sorry Life, I guess I complicated things up too quickly.

Anyways, today is almost done, and tomorrow the sun will rise earlier, with the same loaded lies about my ex-company, and loaded beliefs for my search for my blonde, and loaded projects to execute for a better financial future.

Looking forward to hear from you, wherever you are,

Kind regards,